The ugliest Christmas jumpers in Asda, Primark, and TKMaxx with ‘The Grinch’ the worst of all

The ugliest Christmas jumpers for sale from three top outlets have come under the microscope ahead of the festive season.

Writer Lea Dzifa Seeberghad took a look at the most ugly Christmas jumpers from Asda, Primark and TK Maxx- three shops which have become popular with fashion fans who are careful with their pennies.

The grocery giant was the first store she visited and before she stepped through the automatic doors, garish reds and luminescent greens met me her at the entrance.

She said “While I’d normally shy away from the affronting items in favour of the off-white, tasteful ‘Team Santa’ jumper hanging on a rack, I was here to face the ugliness head on.

“Asda’s new Elf-themed Christmas ads has everyone talking at the moment, and they’ve really leaned in to the whole craze with their jumpers.

“Buddy the elf’s face stared back at me from every angle with his classic hysterical joy, shouting ‘OMG Santa! I know him!’ in loud fonts.”

The jumpers, she writes for MyLondon, might have been cute if Will Ferrell had posed in them

But instead Asda’s design team had taken stills from the film straight and pasted them onto fabric.

She said: “The result was grainy images of Buddy, whose already terrifying facial expressions weren’t improved by the low quality.

But the crown for ugliest jumper was an ordinary navy crewneck jumper had “emblazoned with gingerbread men” free falling throughout the pattern.

The more the writer I looked, the more concerning it became.

And while painfully cheerful pastries wore full Santa suits, others wore nothing but trousers and one had only a bow tie.

The gingerbread man jersey she described as “garish” and the norm for the season.

She described Asda’s tasteful selection as “disappointing” and hoped Primark would have stepped up its game.

But the writer was increasingly dejected as she wandered around its London branch, spotting nothing but Gen Z-esque skirts and cut-out dresses.

Turning the corner, she was met by bright red, overwhelming amounts of sequins and lots of festive puns which needed time to absorb.

She questioned if £12 red and pink-striped jumper adorned with a sequinned tree take the ugliest Christmas jumper crown.

Or perhaps a haunting jumper from where a reindeer stared back with huge black eyes devoid of joy.

She said: “No, it was the fantastically comfy £19 The Grinch jumper that won this round.

“Clearly, someone had studied The Grinch very hard, taking detailed notes on exactly how to recreate his specific hue of green, then balled up those notes and burned them.

“It was a lurid shade of hi-vis yellow and from the depth of the fluffy material, The Grinch ogled me. Emblazoned simply ‘Grinchmas!’, the jumper won the Primark leg of the contest hands down.”

Although Asda and Primark had provided strong entries the writer put her money on TKMaxx to clinch the win.

But she was surprised after walking around the entire shop to find nothing but a vaguely cute blue jumper with snowflakes on it.

She crowned her winner Primark for The Grinch jumper which she described as “so blatantly hideous I was actually quite impressed.”

The jumper she said was “painful to look at” and the texture was “so bizarre it had to win”

Asda’s clothes she said were just “too pretty” for the competition and TKMaxx, she urged to “do better”