Disabled man forced to live in ‘toxic waste’ after toilet explodes and faeces pour out

A disabled man was left living in ‘toxic waste’ after his toilet exploded with human faeces.

Stephen McDonald, 62, said he was forced to spend the night inside the contaminated property, with no working bathroom, after his housing association failed to fix the issue.

The former printer said the sludge was pouring out the toilet sink and bath for more than an hour on Wednesday evening.

Stephen, who already struggles with poor health and mobility issues, said he feared that the sewage could be make him extremely sick.

“Living amongst toxic waste could make me really, really ill. “It was absolutely gushing out the toilet and just kept flowing and flowing. It went all over the place.

“There was a guy outside working on the drains so I went out and told him. He came in to look and said to call someone at the housing. He said it was the worst he had seen and I should be given a hotel.”

The Daily Record reports that 62-year-old called Maryhill Housing Association who sent a worker to inspect the issue and the waste was hoover but but Stephen said it was too late as the faeces had already seeped into the floorboards.

He claims that a joined attended the property and lifted the floorboards to find around an inch of human waste on top of the concrete floor.

Despite being vulnerable Stephen said this is not the first time he’s had this issue.

He said: “The same thing happened about four or five years ago. My whole bath and sink filled up with excrement. They offered to get me a hotel then but I ended up staying with a friend because they couldn’t get me anything quick enough.

“The drainage guys said it’s the whole building’s waste because there’s four properties above me. There’s been an issue with people flushing wipes and it keeps building up.

“The excrement only has one way to go and that’s down into my house.”

A Maryhill Housing Association spokesperson said: “Maryhill Housing’s contractor attended to this issue on Wednesday night. The blockage was caused by an accumulation of wipes in the drains and our contractor cleared the blockage at the time.

“Our contractor then carried out a full disinfectant clean for all of the areas they could access. At the time our tenant didn’t want our contractor to lift the linoleum in the bathroom but we have now arranged accommodation for our tenant for tonight so that we can lift his flooring and carry out a full disinfectant clean.”